When it comes to B2B marketing, the sales representatives are the ones responsible to build a strong and positive relationship with the customer. It has been noticed that most sales representatives don’t have the basic knowledge about the product and services of a certain business. This tends to draw the customers away from the business. It has been found that customers tend to go away when pestered repeatedly for a certain product or service. In order to ensure that the sales representatives have proper information, the industries need to give them detailed knowledge about their products and services. The sales representatives also need to know about the products that are being offered by the company’s rivals for B2B marketing. All this knowledge will ensure that the customers get the most out of the products or services they are using. In most cases, customers are seen to give importance to cost of the product or services but in reality the sales experience matters the most.

This has been proved in a survey that was conducted some time back. It highlights that the all the products whether simple or complex tend to cause consistent insights for B2B industries. Such companies are known to follow complex, multi-touch point sales processes that are responsible for involving not only the end users but also the purchasing professionals.


The customers tend to give importance to things that are actually not important so it is essential to consider factors that are actually important for B2B industries. The most important factors for the customers are the price and product aspects which tend to influence the opinion about the supplier’s performance. The customer’s purchasing decisions also get affected due to this. It has been observed that the features of the product or service and the overall sales experience plays a large role for the vendor’s overall performance based on the customer’s perspective.

The sales experience tends to get undermined by the customers owning to the inadequate knowledge provided by the sales representatives. Another factor that can draw the customers away from the B2B services of a company is when the sales representatives contact the customers frequently. This also proves that the customers tend to prefer fewer and meaningful interactions with the sales representatives.

The companies need to centralize the content development that will enable them to get more knowledge for finding solutions for these issues which will get value propositions for the customers. An experiential training program and on-the-job coaching with the content development team will enable the sales representatives to get an in-depth knowledge about the products and services. The customers tend to be more satisfied to use self-serve and other online tools which help in getting specialist support for complex situations.


A balance should be achieved by the sales representatives when contacting the customers. It is possible to do so by following a clear strategy for reaching out potential customers and satisfying their needs so that the profit potential is met. The best contact calendar can serve as a great way for sales representatives to create value for customers. This tool will enable the sales representatives to assess semiannual business reviews, customer needs and the way to satisfy their needs. This will in turn decrease the interaction costs considerably and make sure that the customer needs are met. This will serve as a great way to identify and get solutions so that accurate interaction can be achieved that will aid in fulfilling the customer’s needs.

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